What's your face shape?

How To Choose The Best Sunglass For Your Face Shape
Sunglasses are certainly the solitary accessory that is here to stay! Over the decades, sunglasses have effectively been an enhancing contributor to trending fashion statements all around the globe. From the classic retro look of the ‘60s to the chic-and-chic look of the ‘90s, sunshades have unbeatably sealed the look all throughout.

Not-to-forget, with the mounting dominance of sunglasses in the world of fashion, we are utterly in no doubt that there’s a query engulfing the minds of trendsetters which can clearly be summarized in a lone statement that reads, “Which sunglass suits me best?”.

Well, worry no more! We’ve got you sorted!
Gear up as we now take you down on a ride that highlights the varied types of face shapes and sunspecs designed specifically to suit them effortlessly:

Round Shaped Faces
Faces that are widest across the sleek cheekbones and particularly slender towards the forehead and jawline are classified exclusively as round faces.

For both men and women, oversized or fashionable rectangular frames that are certainly wider than the cheekbones are ultimately the ideal pick at any occasion.
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Oval Shaped Faces
Symmetrically versatile, faces that feature prominent cheek bones are primarily considered as oval faces. Interestingly enough, this category proudly holds the title of the most preferred face shape as it utterly permits any sunshade to fit in effortlessly.

From the stunning retro shades representing the ‘80s to the spectacularly sophisticated aviators that are trending recently, oval faces seem to master the art of varying styles of sunspecs undisputedly.

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Square Shaped Faces
Brawny jawline paired up with a particularly wide forehead and jagged cheekbones are the key features of a square face.

In case of both men and women, sunshades that uphold rounded edges and relatively circular frames with rimless edges, undeniably make the best match with any outfit.

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Diamond Shaped Faces
Exclusively high-set cheekbones backed up by a significantly wide forehead are the prime features of a diamond – shaped face.

Precisely similar to a heart-shaped face, these striking facial features are best highlighted by the ‘90s rectro and rectangular frames.

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Triangle Shaped Faces
Appreciably pointed prominent chin characterised by a narrow jawline and a generously wide forehead is what classifies as a triangular face.

In order to sleekly portray a balanced facial outlook, aviators or the uniquely designed raindrop frames are the ideal picks of this season.

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Have you tried a sunshade that is extraordinarily chic and has surprisingly suited you? Share your story with us!